The Power of “Doing Nothing” by Cyndi Krupp

cyndi krupp virtual retreat May 28, 2024
The Power of “Doing Nothing” by Cyndi Krupp

In May of 2021 I woke up one morning with a head that felt like it wanted to explode.

The pain colored my ability to think. It made it impossible to problem solve.
I remember responding to a loved one in crisis with some version of…

“My head hurts too much to even understand what you are saying.”

And that was the last problem I attempted to solve for about the next seven days.

Seven days of resting while the body did what it did with the COVID virus.

During those seven or so days, I rested when I wanted to rest, I ate when I wanted to eat, I spoke to others only when I was inspired to speak.

And, believe it or not, it was good. The only time it wasn’t relaxing or peaceful was when some version of a thought, “I wish this wasn’t happening” or “I need to get better so that I can…” was given attention.

When those thoughts were believed they came with pain and feelings of illness and suffering.

And when I let them go (which I could since I had the excuse of “COVID”) all sense of suffering went with them.

When the experience of “being sick” ended, one of the first things I noticed was that the world did really well without me.

My to-do list did not get any longer.

My loved one’s crisis was solved without my having to lift a finger.


There was this cool sense of clarity that allowed for new creative ideas to flow.

Being so deeply committed to this path of embodiment of Truth and the letting go of all that does not serve, I took the time to really look at this experience and I recognized, on a very deep level, that I do not need to wait for bodily illness to step away from what often feels like important, even urgent, daily responsibilities in order to….

a) Gain clarity and increase creativity

b) Allow for so called “important, urgent, even “crisis” situations to be resolved without my involvement.

I discovered that every time I rested away from taking myself and/or my life too seriously — my life “got better”.

If you stop and look at your own life experience, I expect you will discover the same…
Taking time to relax, to enjoy the moment, and to stop thinking about your problems creates, for you and those you love, a better life experience.

It was with all this in mind that the Center for Awakening is hosting the upcoming Resting into the Joy of Being Weekend Virtual Retreat June 15th and 16th.

Have you registered yet? If not, you can get all the details here.

Looking forward to “doing nothing” with you then. 😊

In Love, with Celebration