About the Center for Awakening

Our vision is for all beings to awaken to know their true nature and live as an embodiment of this Self-realization.

Awakening the World: Our Vision & Mission

The Center for Awakening is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and supporting people in the spiritual journey towards the recognition of our true nature, and the consequent discovery of the natural peace and happiness that is ever-present within us. We recognize that there is no single spiritual teaching that is right for everyone. Each of us needs to find our own pathway, as each of us is starting from different circumstances and conditioning. So we provide access to a variety of teachings, supported by community events, gatherings and discussions, to help members find what they need for the next step on their path... knowing it for themselves.

History & Evolution

Their feet in the sand, the sun on their faces, the precursor to the Center for Awakening — the Teachers of God Foundation (TGF)  —  began as a conversation between Bill Free and Lisa Natoli as they sat near the ocean in Maine in the summer of 2012.

At the time, Lisa and Bill were both dedicated teachers of A Course in Miracles, both passionate about the message contained in the Course. As the years passed, they found that a lot of people (themselves included) were stuck in ideas and concepts, living more at the intellectual head level and not so much at the awakened heart level. You could say they knew intellectually that the teachings of the Course and many traditions were true and yet lacked a direct experience of knowing it for themselves until this understanding was realized in 2018.

Fast Forward 10+ years...

As Bill and Lisa progressed on their spiritual journeys, the Teachers of God Foundation (TGF) and staff also evolved alongside them. Through collaborative efforts with Pure Presence Conferences and Awakening Mind Films and focus on the teachings of the direct path, TGF has gracefully integrated the progressive path of A Course in Miracles with the nondual direct path as taught by Advaita Vedanta, Kashmir Shaivism and other traditions. As a result, it became evident that a name change was in order to align with its growing audience and its dedicated focus on supporting Awakening Consciousness, and in 2023 TGF filed paperwork in Massachusetts to change its name to the Center for Awakening (CFA). 

An Invitation to Join the Awakening Journey!

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TAX-DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTIONS: Center for Awakening, Inc. (CFA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, tax–exempt organization. All donations made to CFA and in accordance with IRS regulations may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. We are grateful for your support — thank you!


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