The Awareness Podcast, Ep.56: Tools for Awakening with Cyndi Krupp and Rona Marren - Pause

cyndi krupp rona marren tools for awakening Feb 16, 2023

In this episode Cyndi and Rona introduce what some have described as the most difficult of all spiritual practices, The Pause

When you tune in you will learn…

  • What The Pause is and why it is so powerful (hint – it is in The Pause where all is healed)
  • How to implement this technique into your everyday life
  • The transformative power of letting everything be as it is while letting any physical discomfort burn itself out.
  • How to discover the space between words and thoughts where the light of pure consciousness shines through.

Join Cyndi and Rona to discover your own ability to Pause

About Rona:

Rona Marren is currently a student of A Course in Miracles and non duality. She spent 20 plus years as a spiritual seeker and in 2020 had her first glimpse of awakening. Rona is a wife, mother, daughter and caregiver. She integrates Knowing the truth of Who I Am into her daily activities continuing to attend courses, workshops, and retreats, volunteering with the Teachers of God Foundation, and by frequent moments of resting as awareness.