The Love / Awakening We're Seeking is Already Here Within by Loch Kelly

loch kelly Jun 06, 2023

Break free from limited perception and get a glimpse of your True Nature — Loving Embodied Awareness...

"The Love ... the Divinity or the Awakening that we're seeking is already here within you and as you... There's nowhere to go or nothing to create in order to have this true nature become more..."

How do we "upgrade" from small self to spacious open mind / open heart... from small sense of thought-based knowing to awareness-based knowing? Where are we listening from? Where are we looking from?

Tune in to Loch Kelly as he offers his insights on this, including a simple practice / inquiry to help us differentiate...



This session with Loch Kelly was recorded at a previous Pure Presence conference (A New Beginning World Conference) — complete recordings of this event and all past conferences are available within the Pure Presence Community.

Loch Kelly is one of the featured speakers in the recently released Awakening Mind "Know Thyself" film which premiered June 5th on YouTube.