The Awareness Podcast: Is Spiritual Awakening More Common Than We Think? with Susan Telford and Steve Taylor

awareness steve taylor the awareness podcast Jun 07, 2024

In this episode of The Awareness Podcast, Susan Telford welcomes transpersonal psychologist, best-selling author, lecturer and spiritual poet, Steve Taylor, PhD.

Steve shares his own personal awakening experiences that began at a young age and that ultimately led him to devote his life to the study, investigation and process of spiritual awakening.

In his newest book, The Adventure: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Awakening, Steve explains, through his research of hundreds of people who had a profound spiritual awakening, that these experiences are not mystical or extraordinary, but rather they are more common than we realize. Many people may not even know that they are living their lives in a natural state of awakening or enlightenment.

Steve explains what he believes are the eight essential aspects of spiritual awakening that anyone can cultivate, and he discusses how guided meditations, contemplative exercises, and other practices can bring about spiritual transformation in our everyday lives.

Steve also shares a bit about his upcoming four-part live series for Center for Awakening beginning on July 8th entitled Four Steps to Awakening: Cultivating the Qualities of Spiritual Enlightenment.

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About Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor, PhD, is the author of many best-selling books on psychology and spirituality, he is a lecturer, teacher and a spiritual poet. His newest book is The Adventure: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Awakening; and his other titles include: Extraordinary Awakenings, The Clear Light,  Out of the Darkness, Back to Sanity, The Calm Center, The Leap and Spiritual Science. His books have been published in 20 languages, and his articles and essays have been published in over 100 academic journals, magazines and newspapers. Steve also writes blog articles for Scientific American and Psychology Today.

Eckhart Tolle has described his work as ‘an important contribution to the shift in consciousness which is happening on our planet at present.’

Steve lives in Manchester, England, with his wife and three children.