Getting Real with the Unreal by Carrie Triffet

carrie triffet nonduality Mar 19, 2024

Non-duality, Electromagnetism & You

Most of the world’s great non-dual teachings make a point of telling us the world isn’t real. And yet daily life testifies to the opposite. In a very big way. Right? So this experiential gap between the real and the unreal has always been a tough question for students of non-duality; a major and ongoing spiritual conundrum of the highest order.
Because the most basic answer to that conundrum is: No, the world isn’t real. And also yes, it most certainly is.
The world as we know it, meaning the world made of fear, isn’t real. Like, in a very non-metaphorical and extremely matter-of-fact way. It’s definitely and unequivocally an illusion. Which we’ll talk more about in a minute.
Nevertheless, the human, animal and environmental sufferings and joys experienced within this illusory realm are real. Real as it gets. As you will have certainly noticed in your own life.
Yet at a deeper level than all of that, the level of pure universal mystery, the world itself is also real. That’s my take on it, anyway. And we’ll get into all of that, shortly. But first let’s get back to the very real joys and sufferings, the tragedies and triumphs experienced within this realm of illusion.
Most of the time, in order to reconcile the real-unreal conundrum, students of non-duality have to resort to a form of double-think: Where the actual real, and the conceptual understanding of the unreal, jostle uneasily against each other... until life suddenly intrudes upon our spiritual ideations. As life so often has a habit of doing.
Following are a couple of illustrations of how that unreal-reality conundrum so often plays out in the life of a spiritual student — and the phenomenal awakening opportunity it can (at least sometimes) present.
First, one from my own databank of experiences: In the summer of 2016, the UK shocked itself by voting to leave the European Union. The nation reeled in the aftermath of the vote. London-based investment firms upped sticks the same day, moving their headquarters to Brussels; the British pound lost half its value overnight. Nobody knew what might come next.
I was visiting the US at the time. Long distance, I could feel the stunned collective energy of the UK as a whole, the massive disturbance in the force: Retirees’ savings suddenly sliced in half. And an abrupt end to a great many things. It felt like a gut punch.
I was attending a morning gathering of spiritual students that day. Before the meeting I stood staring out the window, grappling with the sensations bombarding my field. A very sweet student approached, gazing quietly out the window with me for a few moments. Then, hoping to be praised by the teacher for her non-dual grasp of the situation, she turned toward me and smiled.
“Good thing the world isn’t real, eh?”
I wanted to slap her. “You only think it’s not real because it isn’t happening to YOU,” I growled, and walked away.
Admittedly not my finest moment. And truly not her fault. She’d absorbed a very common and widespread misinterpretation of the whole real/unreal business, which tends to afflict most non-dual spiritual seekers (including myself) at some stage of their journey.

The guru and the bucket

Here’s a much more elevated story that illustrates a similar principle: A friend of mine is a very passionate Amma devotee. He tells of a natural disaster which caused a great deal of flooding. Amma immediately brought the members of her ashram to the stricken area, to help alleviate the crisis. Directing the bail-out operation, she rolled up her sleeves and pitched in alongside the other volunteers, urgently hand-carrying buckets of floodwater away from the scene.
“But Amma,” my friend innocently asked, “If the world isn’t real, should we be doing all this?”
A look of pure disgust crossed her face. Saying nothing, she shoved a bucket into his hands and kept walking.
So. If you’re wondering, here’s the difference between my response and Amma’s. My response: Kinda bitchy. And the resulting effect in the spiritual student who spoke to me, was hurt puzzlement.
Amma’s response: A potent laser beam of truth, produced by the electrifying embodiment of divine love within her. And the resulting effect cracked open my friend’s shallow understanding, creating room for a much more profound awareness to enter.
Deep within Amma’s response lies the key to understanding the world’s real-unreality. Let’s take a look at it in terms of higher and lower electromagnetic frequency.

Electricity and higher consciousness

In non-dual spiritual circles, we don’t tend to think of the universe in terms of its electromagnetic characteristics, but perhaps we really ought to. Because although the magnificent universe itself remains an eternal sacred mystery, much of its behavior (and ours) can, in fact, be explained quite matter-of-factly through this lens of electromagnetic frequency.
I should note here, that I am not particularly about the science. It’s my own decades of undeniable experience of these fundamental properties of the spiritual universe, that I draw upon when I talk about this stuff. Here is some of what I’ve realized over the years:
High consciousness occurs automatically in high frequency, and high frequency automatically brings high voltage. Divine love is an extremely potent high frequency, and in its presence, you’ll always find great quantities of high-voltage spiritual light.
Spiritual light is on the same spectrum as visible light—but at the finer, faster, and mostly invisible (to the physical eye) end of the spectrum. There’s a massive amount of power being generated at that higher end of the spectrum. Too much high-frequency light flooding into an unprepared  human nervous system, will tend to fry your circuits. Ask me how I know.
So the first thing to grasp here, is that spirituality is not separate from the physical world of form. It’s not a law unto itself, made out of some other substance entirely. This divine universe, this world, and you and me? It’s all one interrelated creation, and subject to the same universal laws.
Heaven on earth, AKA the real world, AKA the world made of love, is right here, right now—but vibrating at a much higher frequency than where we ourselves normally are able to operate. So it occupies the same space as this world, and in many ways IS this world. But its divine truth is mostly invisible and inaccessible to us. exists. It’s quite real.
But it exists in an entirely different, infinitely expansive and thoroughly divine frequency bandwidth that, generally speaking, has been beyond the average human’s ability to access. Why is that? Well, it’s all about the veil.

The inner and outer veil

Everything in the universe operates electromagnetically, including you. You are a conductor of electricity, as well as a generator of it. And the way you live your life determines the electromagnetic frequency bandwidth that you inhabit; from the way you nourish the cells of your body to the quality of your thoughts, everything about you vibrates accordingly.
A so-called ‘veil of forgetfulness’ is — or was — shrouding this planet. And this veil, like everything else, is electromagnetic in nature. Think of it as a blanket of electro-smog. The veil has an inner and outer component; the inner component (which causes us to forget our own divine truth and everybody else’s) operates within each one of us. From a very early age, we learn to mistake it for our own self.
It functions by creating the internal suggestion of fear, lack and conflict. We then gaze out upon the world, and think we see evidence of all three. So we ourselves turn those inner suggestions into concrete fact, by taking worldly actions ‘out there’ that make lack, competition for scarce resources, and conflict a reality on this planet.
It’s hard to stop ourselves from behaving that way, even when we know better. Right? Even when we know that all is one; that ours is an infinitely abundant universe; that divine love is all there is in truth.
It’s hard to stop, because of the magnetic part of electromagnetism.  Those underlying veil-generated beliefs we hold, resonate at a particular frequency. A corresponding frequency environment within the veil will strongly tend to keep magnetically pulling us back in, over and over. Until we stop believing in them. Until we stop mistaking those limiting beliefs for who we are.
The veil, AKA the world made of fear, AKA planet earth as we’ve always known it, is a low-frequency, illusory sub-reality which obscures the real one. And we ourselves, through no intention of our own, are the ones who hold it in place.
So, yeah. This world is not real. But the real world awaits us, and it’s closer than your next breath.

Back to Amma for a minute

What does it mean to be a living embodiment of divine love? In practical terms, it means your physical body can properly earth those high voltages, through plugging your mind/body/spirit directly into the real world — meaning the tangible, high frequency, real world of planet earth — thereby knowing yourself as the living truth of the universe itself.
This occurs naturally when your thoughts, beliefs, worldly actions and intentions all align with true divine reality. When you’re walking your talk on every level, in other words. You’re then vibrating in the frequency bandwidth of divine love; nothing about you is blocking it out or scrambling the signal.
And when that happens, you complete the universal electrical circuit. You yourself become not only a sacred conduit for the free flow of heaven to earth and earth to heaven; you become a receiver/transmitter of pure divine love, which you know as your only identity. And it’s this transmission of pure knowing, that brings the real world powerfully into the unreal world, simply through your highly transformative, high voltage presence.
This is why, without saying a word, Amma’s response to my friend’s question held such a potentially catalyzing awakening force. She didn’t have to say anything; the frequency of pure divine love operating within such a person is what does the work, always.
Without it, her actual response (disgust, plus shoved bucket) would’ve been a bit more like mine: Kinda bitchy.

So is the Real World real?

I’ve only visited it a few times. (I’m still working on safely earthing those voltages.) I would say it’s extremely real, yes. I would say it’s how you’re meant to know yourself. I would say it’s your divine birthright.
Is the real world the ultimate-ultimate-ultimate truth, in which life is eternal, and the comings and goings of form are no more than an interesting illusory dance between the electromagnetic universe and the temporary consciousness of one who observes it? Nah. I suppose not.
But this planet is set up to accommodate temporary form. Is that form real? I’d say yes. Because form is as real as the laws of electromagnetism that govern this universe — laws that support the density, the slowing of molecular activity, which allow matter to take on the illusion of stable form.
Since Earth is where we live, and its magnetic properties are what makes our conscious awareness (and experience) possible, in my view we can safely consider the real world, and the spiritually upgraded physical body of one who receives and transmits divine love, to be fully real. Or, as fully real as we’ll ever hope to know, while still alive in a body.
When pure divine love is embodied, the physical/mental/emotional/spiritual self completely transforms in alchemical glory, as love and light are earthed through the body. The personality self of the veil no longer drives the bus. And the empty fullness of life living itself, moment by moment,  is what takes over.
Yet form is still here, the real world is still here...and minus the veil’s influence, it’s all more magnificently real than it’s ever been before.
© Carrie Triffet 2024 

Carrie Triffet writes and occasionally speaks. For more of her recent work, find her on Substack.