In the Field of Infinity by David Barnard 

david barnard poetry Feb 27, 2024

If you believe in fear and sadness
that is what you’ll see.
And, if you only believe in love,
we’ll see only that.
What do you believe?
Close your eyes 
and clear your mind
if you can.
Understand that
this isn’t easy;
but keep at it.
Free your mind of the sad things,
the perceived hopelessnesses
by kindly saying goodbye to them.
Just tell them that they 
are no longer needed.
Don't judge them
After all, you have lived with them for a while.
Then, wait and see what happens.
If love and peacefulness
knock on your mind’s door,
let them in
and begin again to be this love
because that is what you are.
Keep doing this until
it becomes your go-to place.
Then rest here.


In the field of infinity,
at the center point, 
the still point
sits the I AM
which knows that,
in this seeming nothingness,
it is all that is.


David is a member of CFA's Evolve Community.