The Awareness Podcast, Ep. #88: Tools for Awakening with Cyndi Krupp and Rona Marren - Patience

cyndi krupp rona marren tools for awakening Oct 19, 2023

A great working definition for patience is being here Now without focusing on outward future goals.

When you join Rona and Cyndi you will discover…

  • The gift in being OK with the present moment just as it is.
  • How natural patience becomes when you Trust.
  • An invitation to watch for the subtle signs you are believing something has to change for you to be okay.
  • Instruction on how to bring the “wanting things to change” to present moment awareness and what once may expect as a result.

Join Cyndi and Rona as they continue to offer insight on how to use all the Tools for Awakening in your day-to-day life.

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About Rona Marren:

Rona Marren is currently a student of A Course in Miracles and non duality. She spent 20 plus years as a spiritual seeker and in 2020 had her first glimpse of awakening. Rona is a wife, mother, daughter and caregiver. She integrates Knowing the truth of Who I Am into her daily activities continuing to attend courses, workshops, and retreats, volunteering with the Teachers of God Foundation, and by frequent moments of resting as awareness.