The Awareness Podcast, Ep. #86: Conversations in Truth with Bill Free and Justin Gold

bill free conversations in truth justin gold Oct 05, 2023

Join Bill and his guest Justin Gold for this Conversation in Truth to hear:

  • What Justin learned from Christianity, Islam, and Judaism
  • What he learned about meditation from a 3 year old child
  • His multi-dimensional answer to Bill’s question, without the use of memory, who are you?
  • The importance of “supervision” on the spiritual path
  • About Justin’s spiritual community and the social and aid work they do

Learn more about Bill's One Year Masterclass for Awakening, here.

About Justin Gold:

Author of six books, philosopher, and spiritual teacher J Jaye Gold (Justin) has lived a bold and varied life. As a young man in New York, his early interests included boxing, poker playing, and breezing thoroughbreds. He has owned restaurants, done financial consulting, built houses, and raised children. His biggest passion, however, has been the exploration of consciousness and inner freedom. Justin has dedicated the past 40 years to the study and dissection of the micro-moments of human behavior in the aim of uncovering the naturalness and beauty that lies buried in all of us.

While his family heritage exposed him to Judaism, Islam, and Eastern Orthodox Christianity, he found his spiritual mentor outside of these major religions, and learned from him the relevance of time and place in relation to the efficacy of spiritual methods. He has created tools specially designed for people living in our contemporary, fast-paced, technology-filled culture. He makes use of group dynamics, the teacher/student relationship, and incorporates subtlety, humor, and perspective in his system.

The founder of The Center for Cultural and Naturalist Studies (CCNS), a non-profit that offers disaster relief in the US and works with underprivileged children and refugees worldwide, he sees service to others as an essential component of the spiritual path.


Justin currently lives in the Sierra foothills of Northern California where he works with several dozen seekers of truth. He is available to anyone who desires his guidance and never asks to be compensated for his help, monetarily or otherwise.

Learn more about Justin and his work at