The Awareness Podcast, Ep.# 64: Tools for Awakening with Cyndi Krupp and Rona Marren - Gentleness

cyndi krupp rona marren tools for awakening Apr 20, 2023

In this episode Cyndi and Rona discuss Gentleness, reminding us all that this path is not designed to be hard.

Listen in while Rona and Cyndi discuss…

  • That there is no effort or sacrifice in awakening.
  • That softening around stories and giving willingness to letting go of judgment may be all that is required.
  • How when we gently enter the pause and remember our Oneness upsets dissolve, often with ease.

Join Cyndi and Rona and prepare to soften

About Rona:

Rona Marren is currently a student of A Course in Miracles and non duality. She spent 20 plus years as a spiritual seeker and in 2020 had her first glimpse of awakening. Rona is a wife, mother, daughter and caregiver. She integrates Knowing the truth of Who I Am into her daily activities continuing to attend courses, workshops, and retreats, volunteering with the Teachers of God Foundation, and by frequent moments of resting as awareness.