A New Way of Seeing by Rona Marren

rona marren Apr 04, 2024
A New Way of Seeing by Rona Marren

Is awakening available to the average domestic engineer and caregiver? The answer is an affirmative yes! For so long enlightenment was reserved for the monks, swamis, and gurus. People stood in long lines to catch a glimpse of these special beings. But I am a special being too! I am the Light of the world, what a revelation! I am what God is. When I first heard that phrase something shuddered inside, a pointer toward the truth. There was an immediate denial by the thinking mind. “What? That's blasphemy!” However, a still small voice in the very center of my being sang…

How does one access this Knowing and keep it in the forefront during a day filled with worldly illusion?


Pause and Know.

Pause and feel peace.

Pause and allow.

There is a special “space” that is accessed in that Pause. Could it be that simple? The first few times the pause was employed the thinking mind went wild, “What? Pause? Do something!” But I was committed.

Pause, rest as awareness, let the chatter die down, rest there. Allow the energy of the feeling to be there, stay vigilant. Trust that having paused I've now accessed the power of the universe in the Holy Instant. I've brought the world of illusion to the Borderland. This all seems theoretical until it's put into practice. The willingness to practice builds trust.

The most poignant area of my life that has been affected by this is in regard to the care of my beautiful 21-year-old daughter. Her appearance involves profound cerebral palsy, diagnosed shortly after birth. The thinking mind was devastated at that time. What about all the self-initiated plans I had? This personal self planned to go back to her television production career after her second child. This potential future event was destroyed within four months of caring for this little, broken baby.

Source knew better. It knows exactly what is needed to reveal truth to the limited point of view one has in a body.

After 18 years of trying to control, manage, and fix a seemingly unfixable broken body, the teachings of truth fostered the understanding that she was not broken. But my ideas about her certainly pointed to brokenness. And her medical fragility had increased to the point that epileptic seizures almost killed her. Brokenness and damage consumed the thinking, seeing, and believing.

As I continued to dive into this new found knowledge on a daily basis the clouds began to clear. Truth said, “I am not a body I am free”. If I wasn't a body, neither was she! I asked Holy Spirit to see her differently, to see the truth of who she really is.  I abided in the pointing that Love has no grievances. The illusion began to dissipate. I even taught her that statement along with, “I am as God created me”. Those pointings, said in her somewhat labored but articulate voice, calm her involuntary body movements, they bring peace to her too.

The practice became that each time I was to directly care for her I paused, entered the stillness, and asked to serve the highest good. Above all else I asked to see her differently. Only then did I proceed in the world. I stopped trying to fix, change, and improve her. I let her “Be” accepting whatever appearance the body had in form in that moment. There was a new choice reaching for love and compassion. Slowly my attitude changed, my grievances lessened. Not only did I begin to discover truth and feel the peace that passes all understanding, over the course of the next year she began to thrive again physically, like a miracle. And I began to thrive with the knowledge of who I truly AM and the power accessed in that statement. The application has been diligently utilized in other areas of the world appearing before me. This life has truly changed and shifted.

Pause, rest in awareness, take it to the Borderland where the truth lies side by side to the illusion and the truth is seen. She is not a body, she is free. She is as God created her. These experiences have been crafted especially for me to find the truth! No more seeking. God Is. With truth anything is possible. Consciousness has chosen to awaken from a story of a stay-at-home mom, and that has made this experience truly delicious!

Rona is a volunteer with the Center for Awakening and a member of CFA's Evolve Community.

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