A 40-Day Online Retreat for Joy, Clarity & Abundance

This is a self-study, at-home (and yes, FREE) program for transformation.

✓  It’s a commitment you make to yourself — to live in a whole new way for 40 days.

✓  It’s an experiment: a time of discovery and awareness to see directly your unconscious thoughts, beliefs and attitudes and how they are creating a life that you don't love.

✓  It’s spiritual discipline to know yourself and to know God.

✓  It’s based on A Course in Miracles.

✓  It’s 43 short videos — one video per day — with a practice from Lisa Natoli, who is your temporary mentor and temporary guide (for 40 days!) who will lead you to your true inner guide: The Guide Within You.

✓  It’s a direct experience of the power and presence of God in your life — you will see miracles with your own eyes and through your own personal experience.


Have you felt you are destined for a greater purpose in your life, but so far you have not been able to access it?

Do you feel distracted, disconnected, or overwhelmed?

Are you ready to change the picture of yourself?If yes, then this program was made for you.

Your Instructor

Lisa Natoli is a healer and a teacher of A Course in Miracles. She is dedicated to helping people change the picture they hold of themselves. She teaches and trains people how to heal with love, gratitude and forgiveness. She is the Creator of the 40-Day Program for Transformation and the co-founder of the Teachers of God Foundation.

From Lisa:

I always like to say that I'm a temporary guide — until you find and know your own Inner Guide.

A few things about me:

  1. 1. I love life. I love people. I feel most alive when I am doing something new that stretches me out of my comfort zone.


  1. 2. I underwent a spiritual awakening that rocked my world and I am happy & grateful to share the things I learned along the way that might be helpful to you.
  2. And I put a lot into this 40-Day Program for you.
  3. I hope to save you time, so you don’t have to make all the mistakes I made. I point out the tripping points and stumbling blocks – so in that sense, I really am like a guide on the path, to shine a light for you.

Direct experience is the way to go.

One guy took the 40-Day Program who has been a minister for 30 years and went to theology school with advanced theology degrees — he wrote to me after he took the 40-Day Program and said:

“My whole life I have known all about God. After taking the 40-Day Program, now I KNOW God. Thank you Lisa.”

Best compliment ever, right? That’s what I want for everyone who takes this program. I want you to have a face-to-face encounter with the Love you are.

I want you to know how loved and lovable you are. I want you to know the Presence and Power and Intelligence and Grace of God that heals all things. I want you to encounter it directly, for yourself.

The #1 goal I have in mind for anyone who signs up for this program is to start relying on their own inner Guide for answers. I am a temporary guide (for 40 days) to show you how to start trusting in your own Guide who knows you inside & out and will give you the very best answers, way better than I can give to you. I can only answer based on what you tell me, but your own Guide knows everything about you, and knows the greater Plan and the Big Picture and that in the beginning it can be a whole new experience to begin listening to that still small voice within you.

I am here as a temporary guide — 40 Days — to keep turning you in that direction and to see what comes of that.

This program is about God-dependency — not Lisa-dependency, not anything-outside-of-you-dependency.

It is about learning to turn within and beginning to trust in the still voice within.


"This program is about God-dependency — not Lisa-dependency, not anything-outside-of-you-dependency."

– Lisa Natoli

Instead of asking others for advice,
you will seek guidance from
your Inner Teacher.

You are invited to put all your stories and judgments on pause for 40 days. Or better yet … to just leave them behind!

This is about discovery, not trying to make something happen. This is about allowing.

You will become aware of your chattering mind and learn how to not let it run your life anymore.

You will realize you have the ability to be happy in all circumstances, no matter what is going on.

You will develop a new practice of being quiet and going within.




Registration for the Group Journey has closed, but you can still register here to "fly solo"...


What People Are Saying About the 40-Day Program:

"Goosebumps all over, incredibly humbled. Unbridled love stirring from the core of my being."


"I always wished for a life of happiness but somehow it eluded me. Now I can honestly say I wake up excited for the surprises in store for me in the day. How awesome is THAT! "


"Day 40, my life has changed. I am not the person who started this program. This has been the hardest but easiest course I have ever completed. I now realize that nothing is ever a mistake. Thank you Lisa Natoli for this beautiful life-changing program."


"I almost can't remember the person I was before this program. I know the way 'she' would have reacted to situations that arose in her life would have caused more drama and angst. However, 'she' is no longer here. I AM... I am calmer, I feel more at peace and I realize now that even those people that are trying to hurt me are a part of me, 'us' and I love them and bless them. Thank you Lisa for this opportunity, for reminding me who I am and that 'we' are all one. Can't wait to see where my path leads me as I listen to and follow God. 
Bless you."


"I feel joy.... nothing but joy. I've cried at the realization that joy is all there is and I can feel God beside me. Thank you."


"I get excited to get up and listen to Lisa! I take notes and then journal and do my gratitude list. My anxiety is gone."


"Every day feels like Christmas morning! I bounce out of bed wondering what the day’s video and message will be! This program in every way has been life-changing...the sharing, Lisa's sacred messages and guidance, and feeling the fear-based energy within me slowly disintegrating and the peace and Light seeping back into my heart and my Soul and permeating the energy around me. The stories within and around changing naturally by doing this work. I've really been feeling the love in my heart with the daily lessons and tears in my eyes each day with Lisa's "I love you". Thank God. Thank you, thank you, thank you Lisa."


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