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Dan Schmidt: Letting Stillness Reveal Itself Replays

4-Session Video Series

Make the unconscious habit patterns of your mind conscious. 

What is it like "just being" in the present moment?

Daniel Schmidt, the creator of the renowned Samadhi films, takes you on a series of guided meditative self inquiry experiences, leading to the choiceless awareness of simply being present.

In this 4 session video series, Dan explains how the conditioned mind is full of unconscious processes, like little programs running in the background.

By making the unconscious habit patterns of the mind conscious, they are able to drop away.

>Learn to observe the operations of mind
>Make the unconscious conscious
>Dis-identifying from all of the phenomena
>Realize that all processes of mind are empty of self.
>Create the conditions which make awakening more likely

Purchase the Replays of Dan's 4-Part experiential series that includes guided experiments to check out new ways of thinking, perceiving and relating.


What's Included:

  • Unlimited  access to all 4 video recordings to review on-demand at a time convenient to you
  • 4 Downloadable MP3 audio files to take with you on the go