A Course in Awakening through the nondual translation of A Course in Miracles

Let's do ACIM in a whole new way! 

A Course in Awakening through the nondual translation of A Course in Miracles

Let's do A Course in Miracles in a whole new way this year! 

Why wait for heaven?

You can start the class anytime of the year from the current workbook lesson.

A Special Invitation to Study
Bill Free


Let Bill Free point you to the Truth -   your Awakening is NOW  ...


In this Masterclass, Bill Free offers you his unique pointing and direct experience that led to his own realization to open the door to your immediate and lasting Awakening Experience.

Using his clear teachings, the tool of his reinterpretation of A Course in Miracles with nondual translations, and his open, direct teachings, Bill is ready to do for you what he has done for thousands of others.

Teachings on each of the 365 ACIM Workbook lessons 


The lessons follow Bill’s popular nondual style of commentary. 



Nondual Teachings of the ACIM Teacher's Manual


And much more...



A Course in Miracles WB. Lessons 361 to 365

This holy instant would I give to You. Be You in charge. For I would follow You, certain that Your direction gives me peace. 

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A Guided Meditation led by Bill Free


Teachings on Staying Awake and Aware


A Direct Pointing on how to move from Person to Presence 
An invitation into a direct experience of Abiding Presence
Instructions on how to get the most out of the upcoming 12 Month Masterclass


“The Awakening of consciousness is the next evolutionary step for mankind.”

– Eckhart Tolle


Your Guide

Bill Free


Bill is the Founder of Pure Presence Productions LLC, a platform for thought leaders, wisdom teachers, and facilitators from nonduality, science, philosophy and music to promote the expansion, understanding and direct experience of awareness for beings around the world to awaken to their true identity.

Bill loves and shares the teachings of A Course in Miracles with the understanding and integration of nonduality through the Direct Path. He sees the Course as a series of practices which through a daily devotion will gradually refine and purify the mind of the seeming separate self until it recognizes itSelf and dissolves into the heart of Awareness as it awakens to the I Am Presence. He offers lectures, self-inquiry guided meditations and workshops to help others discover this for themselves.



This is YOUR time for Awakening to the Awareness of your TRUE nature.

Both are pathways:

✔ To know God

✔ To know the Self

✔ To show you how to live in the world as the embodiment of Christ Consciousness

When you say YES to studying with Bill expect...

 ✔ To gain a new, deeper understanding of the progressive and nondual paths

✔ To learn practices that you can take into your life experience

✔ To be pointed, again and again, to the Truth of who you are

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What people say about this program...

Sabine G.

Thank you, Bill! Again, these readings in the light of awareness and pure presence are mind blowing.

Elizabeth M.

Thank you for this nondual review, inspired and unifying. My Mind feels more whole, and "Above all else, I want to SEE"! And so it is, Blessings All.

Lisa C.

Thank you so much! I love waking up to these readings. I am that I am. Light and pure presence. Today I receive the gifts of God! Namaste.

Jane V.

Thank you Bill for a perfect transmission of this lesson and our Oneness in our Creator, in our seeking for aligning with love's presence, the Christ. In drawing closer to the life and teaching of Jesus, Christ Jesus. This lesson shines in realization.